Our hilltop is a cold site to grow Viognier. As a result, our Viognier does not have the lush, tropical fruit aromas common to this variety. Instead, our Viognier is crisp, focused, clean and well-matched with food. Flavors of ginger and peach pit combine with white floral notes resulting in a graceful white wine. This character is what makes it such an exciting and unique wine (and why we decided to corner the Viognier market and plant a second acre 6 years ago.)

2018 Peay Vineyards Estate Viognier, Sonoma Coast

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140 Cases

Tasting Notes

The expression of the delicious 2018 Estate Viognier is remarkable and typical of our style. The nose features pretty, high-toned, floral notes of linden and lilies, and lemon thyme herb. The aromas on the palate are consistent with the nose adding some chalk and lemongrass notes. The wine is quite direct with high acidity and real backbone and energy.

2017 Peay Vineyards Estate Viognier, Sonoma Coast

115 Cases

Tasting Notes

Our Viognier is notable for its raciness. It is pure, clean, and energetic without the flamboyance and fatness that can push the variety into the cocktail wine classification. I love the 2017 Viognier and if you are a fan of the leaner, higher acid, non-fruit oriented Viognier we make, I think you will, too. There is a real citrus quality and as it warms up in the glass, the nose reveals orange rind, lemon and lime pith, and lemon custard. It is not very floral and does not toe up to the peach and lychee cocktail fruit bowl. There is also a strong herbal quality of lemon thyme and a hint of dill. The mouth has a great attack with candied ginger and key limes shooting straight from the front to the back. There is no fat. It is crisp and finishes salty, fresh and leaves my mouth salivating. This is one of our leaner Viogniers and delicious with raw fish, seafood (oysters!), and vegetables (salads, green flavors, use as you would a Sauvignon Blanc). I would try one when it arrives at your door and save a little for the next few years.

2016 Estate Viognier, Sonoma Coast

125 Cases

Tasting Notes

Usually Viognier is laden with a fruit bowl of tropical aromas and can be fat and unctuous on the palate. Our 2016 Estate Viognier is unique among wines made from this variety and instead delivers a bright and mineral driven wine that enraptures almost all who try it (even the avowed haters of this variety.) The nose on the 2016 Estate features candied ginger, baked apple, orange blossom, and Satsuma mandarin aromas. The mouth is direct and focused with great nerve and tension. There is no fat in the mid palate and the long finish emphasizes a minerally, chalky and salty tang that leaves you salivating.

2015 Estate Viognier, Sonoma Coast

100 Cases

Tasting Notes

If you are a fan of Peay Viognier, grab some while it lasts. The Viognier was hit especially hard during flowering and we ended up making about half our normal production. What we made is quite good and in the typical style of Peay Viognier. The nose is high-toned and nuanced with light floral aromas, and chalky and green almond notes. The mouth has medium weight with a linear progression down the tongue finishing with minerally flavors and brisk acidity. Fresh, bright and vibrant, the Viognier will be perfect with spring and summer cuisine.

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