Grains and Seeds—Blackberry Farm 

Ami and I were lucky enough to be featured guests at our third Vintners Weekend at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee this past June. It is the nation’s finest culinary resort and with their recent expansion to the facing Blackberry Mountain, also one of the most exciting luxury outdoor destinations. Ami and I were the first “clients” to ride to the top of the mountain on their new mountain biking trail system and, wow, just wow. Anyway, the most exciting, unexpected dish we ate over 5 days of lights out cooking from the Blackberry Farm chefs and our James Beard Best Chef Co-host, chef Steven Satterfield from Miller Union in Atlanta, was a broth we ate one night paired with Pinot noir. You read that right, broth. It was so complex, deep, and pleasing, that I ordered it again 2 nights later. It is an umami bomb and all the crunchy grains and seeds give it such a satisfying texture. Now, there are some steps in this recipe that may be a little bit outside your and my abilities, but I made suggestions for easier shortcuts. Let me know how it goes. And eat it with an older vintage of Peay Pinot noir as the earthy, tea driven notes are a perfect match.
Grains and Seeds_Blackberry Farm Receipe_Fall 2018

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